An eyewitness claims that Disha Salian was gang-raped by 4 men in the party held before her death

Another electrifying truth has become known on account of the baffling demise of Disha Salian, the previous administrator of late entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput. An observer has disclosed to News Nation that Disha Salian was sexually assaulted by 4 men in the gathering which she went to just before her passing on June 8. 

The individual, who the media house claims were available at the gathering which the VIP administrator had gone to in Juhu, said that Disha's shouts were stifled behind the booming music which was being played in the gathering. The onlooker affirmed that there was an aggregate of 6 individuals in the gathering, including Disha Salian's life partner Rohan Rai. Strikingly, BJP pioneer Nitish Rane has been bringing up issues on Rohan's vanishing since Disha's demise on June 8 and has requested that the CBI explores the part of Rohan Rai into big-name supervisor Disha Salian's passing case also. 

Disha Salian
Disha Salian

Then, the onlooker further uncovered to News Nation that a filmstar's child was likewise present at the gathering. Among the 4 individuals who supposedly explicitly attacked Disha, one was purportedly a dear companion of hers and another was a priest's safety officer, asserted the observer, assisting that he would perceive the priest's safety officer on the off chance that he sees him. News Nation has asserted that it has numerous confirmations in the Disha Salian's passing case which it would hand over to the CBI at 1 pm today. Curiously, prior, Disha Salian's folks had said that the assault point was bogus. Addressing India Today about the lawmaker's hypotheses of assault and murder, Vasanti Salian stated, "This is bogus. Proclamations for this situation are taken twice. Malvani police (where Disha Salian case is being examined) has all reports on record. We have seen the posthumous report. Mumbai police are carrying out their responsibility appropriately and consequently, we believe Mumbai police. We hushed up before yet all these in media stigmatizing our girl we can't tolerate it any longer. In this manner, I demand individuals to comprehend what is reality." 

The previous disclosures which demonstrate that Disha Salian didn't die by suicide

 It is appropriate to note here that as of late, a criminological master had asserted that Disha had two arrangements of wounds—one preceding the fall and another upon her fall—inferring that Disha's demise may be a murder. The master additionally included that either Disha was attacked or tormented, or that may have been the explanation she had attempted to get away from the attack. They can be obstruction wounds from the assault, he included. Prior, the posthumous report of Disha Salian had uncovered that she didn't have garments on her body when she was discovered dead in the wake of tumbling from the fourteenth floor of a structure. This disclosure had brought up issues over the case of the Mumbai police that Disha had ended it all. BJP pioneer Nitish Rane had additionally asserted a month ago that the late Bollywood entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput's previous administrator had not ended it all however she was assaulted and killed. Talking at a public interview, Rane affirmed that Disha's dissection report uncovers she had injury marks on her genitals. He had blamed Mumbai police for attempting to leave the test. 

How Mumbai police hindered the investigation into the demise instance of the VIP manager 

 Mumbai police from the very first moment had been attempting to push Disha Salian's demise as an instance of suicide, yet it has been claimed that she was killed and her case has joined with the comparative secretive passing of entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput. Disha, who had filled in as Sushant Singh Rajput's supervisor for a concise timeframe, was discovered dead under secretive conditions on June 8, six days before Sushant supposedly kicked the bucket of suicide. It was accounted for a month ago how Salian's telephone had stayed dynamic even after her demise on June 8. Sources aware of the subtleties asserted that Disha's telephone stayed dynamic for 9 days after her passing. They additionally expressed that Internet calls were made between June 9 and June 17 from Disha's telephone. Nonetheless, however, the Mumbai Police had arrived at the spot close to Disha's demise, no telephone was seized by the authorities. Also, Disha Salian's dead body was supposedly discovered lying similarly as 14-15 feet from the compound divider, which is preposterous on account of suicide. Prior, the Mumbai Police had guaranteed that the documents of the examination concerning Sushant's ex-chief Disha Salian's supposed self-destruction case have been erased "coincidentally". 

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